"I have been wanting to have the hood scoops/ louvers functional since I had my first IROC in 1990. It's such a shame that that cool look is just a fake in my opinion. Surely our cars should be more like Earnhardt's

Kerry from www.camarolouvers.com has spent a lot of time creating custom CAD designed, coated grills. Having spoken to Kerry several times I was convinced my dreams had been answered.

It's a big deal forking out a lot of money and cutting your hood but nothing cool is easy...I am so happy to be able to buy these. Bear in mind original IROC dummy louvers are $500+ now (in 2015) so these are cheaper and cooler

There are 2 choices 1) factory mimic at 15 degrees which is what I have and 2) aggressive at 25. Both available as textured or factory.

He is awesome to deal with and the product is fantastic. I have just picked up the car and I can't stop looking at it and to see the heat haze coming from the grills is super-cool. Enjoy!

Thanks Kerry, you're a star for making these."     - Felix B.   -





To view the video of the car in a walk around click:


"OH MY.  Well Kerry the louvers showed up today and I don't even know what to say.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!   These look so much better than the stock pieces it's unbelievable!!  And they're functional on top of that!  I have bought many aftermarket accessories, including a full complement of SLP performance parts for my car back in the day and let me tell you, this is the nicest aftermarket piece I have ever seen.  I would think that it was a factory piece except that, wait, it's much NICER than anything the General would have made!


Anyway man I just can't say enough about how amazing this piece is. Ok I'm just blabbing on and on here but DAMN!!!  I cannot believe people complain about your price!  They are WORTH EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.   I like these SO MUCH that I would like to have a spare set.  Ha!  You think I like these things enough!?

Thanks again and again Sir and let me in closing congratulate you on producing the highest quality and finest aftermarket accessory/replacement piece I have ever seen.  This is even more amazing when you consider that you are not some big factory with a big time budget, but rather a small business.  Obviously though you are one heck of a talented guy!  Thanks again Kerry and as always, good luck with the IROC X.  Take care!!!"       -   Will H.

Our product was recently featured on a Camaro that appeared at Barrett Jackson! 


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