Bend the louvers up to the desired 15° or 25° angle using the brace as a guide.


While prying the front of the frame and first louver, have someone assist installing the brace. These are curved like the Camaro hood so if at first you don’t succeed……just order Option 1 ;).


Use a flathead screw driver to pry the slots in the braces open a little – this will ease brace installation.


Check to ensure all the louvers are cradled in their corresponding slot.

Push the louvers down with your thumbs so they sit against the bottom side of the brace and then use a hammer to lightly tap the teeth of the brace (what you pried up in step 1) down onto the louver.

Once the brace is installed, the next step is to use an epoxy to glue the brace to the louver. This will stiffen the louver and remove any rattles. We use 3M 8115 Panel Adhesive to glue the brace in place – it’s expensive but the powder coat will adhere to it and it will survive the 400 degree process.

Run a 1/8” to 1/4” bead as shown and wipe away any excess material.

Let sit for 24 hours and your louvers are now ready for powder coating or painting!

Option #2 comes as seen below.