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The Original Functional Camaro Hood Louvers

SOLD OUT for 2023!!
To all our Customers - Stay Cool & Enjoy!

New Arrivals


Water-jet cut from .080 high quality aluminum for rigidity.

Available in 2 angles. Factory mimic at 15° or Aggressive at 25°.

Smooth Satin Black Powder Coat Finish.

Designed with correct 16 BLADE COUNT to closely mimic factory appearance.

Lowers under hood temperature by allowing heat to rapidly exit.

Will not warp, bend or melt.

Braces do not protrude beyond factory hood braces into engine compartment.
(allows for 3-point brace)

Cost less than the non-functional plastic factory louvers.

Please note these require cutting into the hood and do not attach at the factory holes.
No distracting logos placed on the louvers.

Fits all Third Generation Camaro's with factory plastic louvers 1985-1990.


Felix B.

Chris D.

Will H.

"I have been wanting to have the hood scoops/ louvers functional since I had my first IROC in 1990. It's such a shame that that cool look is just a fake in my opinion. Surely our cars should be more like Earnhardt's.

I am so happy to be able to buy these. Bear in mind original IROC dummy louvers are $500+ now (in 2015) so these are cheaper and cooler.
Kerry is awesome to deal with and the product is fantastic. I have just picked up the car and I can't stop looking at it and to see the heat haze coming from the grills is super-cool. Enjoy!

Thanks Kerry, you're a star for making these." 

"OH MY. The louvers showed up today and I don't even know what to say.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!   These look so much better than the stock pieces it's unbelievable!!  And they're functional on top of that!  I have bought many aftermarket accessories, including a full complement of SLP performance parts for my car back in the day and let me tell you, this is the nicest aftermarket piece I have ever seen.  I would think that it was a factory piece except that, wait, it's much NICER than anything the General would have made!


Anyway man I just can't say enough about how amazing this piece is. They are WORTH EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.  You think I like these things enough!?

Thanks again and again Sir and let me in closing congratulate you on producing the highest quality and finest aftermarket accessory/replacement piece I have ever seen. Take care!!!"     

"Your louvers were a big hit at the car show, they wanted to know when the next batch of louvers are going to be built.

Since installing your louvers, that is the first thing people compliment after my car in general. 

"Hey man, sweet IROC! Where'd you get these (louvers)? They look awesome!""

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I owned a dealership for 12 years where I dealt mostly in muscle cars. There was one '88 IROC-Z Camaro that I bought and sold 4 separate times - in '92, '96, '99, and '03. It was one of the last cars I sold before I sold the dealership.

In 2007, I was reading the old car trader and shockingly, the SAME IROC was advertised.

Without a second thought, I bought it for the 5th and final time. This is why the license plate says "Boomerang" - the universe clearly wanted me to own this car!

It was time to rebuild it from the frame up...

turning it into the IROC-X.

During the build, I added an LS3 and a supercharger. The heat was now significant and I needed a fix... as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

The unbridled happiness from my fellow 3rd
gen-ers has been the coolest part of this
endeavor. Knowing there are unique Camaros all around the world repping our functional louvers is just the icing on the cake.

Our product was recently featured on a Camaro that appeared at Barrett Jackson
camaro barrett.webp

Thanks for submitting!


Give us a shout if you have any questions, and most assuredly if you'd like to fangirl over your new set ;) We're here for it! 

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