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This is my 1988 IROC-Z Convertible that I have bought FIVE TIMES over the last 23 years! I first bought the car in 1992 when I owned a used car lot. I sold it and told the purchasers "If you ever want to sell it, please bring it back here". I then bought it back in 1996, sold it, bought it in 1999, sold it and in 2003 sold the car AND the dealership! In 2007 I saw it in the old car Autotrader and bought it for the 5th (and final) time! This is why the plate on it says BMRRANG. Obviously the Universe wanted me to keep this car.



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The original Heart - 305 TPI 700R4 Tranny

Stock underside with the exception of sub frame connectors

This is the old stock rearend, on the hoist ready for it's extreme makeover - IROC edition!

Getting GUTTED...

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HEARTLESS - Looks like it's been sacked and pillaged or I left it in the wrong part of town.....

Feeling kind of sad for it right now...

The NEW HEART - LS376ci   GM Crate Engine

525HP BEFORE we strapped a Magnusson Heartbeat Supercharger to it!


10 Pulleys!

PROOF God loves us and wants us to be happy! :)

L470E plus 1 7/8" Headers

If this doesn't get me arrested - I give up!

My new rearend!! 3.27 gears and Auburn Posi and Baer Brakes. I don't think the stock one would of made it out of the parking lot without detonating!

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I'm thinking that thing wrapped up is a red torque arm with drive shaft safety loop(s)?

Flashback 1988 - looks like it's back on an assembly line :)

Added 2" to the 18x8 IROC knock offs.

Mmmmm. Shiney.

Big rusty K-Member is history!!

Droool - tubular K-Member

And the two shall become one...

It fits!

Okay, difficulty sleeping now...

I think the hood may still close - BONUS!

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Operation went well... Heart not beating yet!


Battery off to the locking trunk compartment.

Aluminum rad....

...with dual fans!

This is going to be A LOT whiter. The paint was 24 years old though. I'm liking the 1" lower...

Those 18x10s are cool and I LOVE THE 18x9s up front.

Another angle.

Now THAT is looking serious!

The sub frame from hell!

Guarenteed I can still open my doors once I floor this thing :)

Okay, ready!

Powdercoated custom cold air intake.

Getting ready for paint...

To Be Continued...