The Great Rebuild

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Day One
The Original Heart
305 TPI 700R4 Tranny
The Stock Rearend
On the hoist ready for it's extreme makeover - IROC edition!
Stock underside
Well, with the exception of sub frame connectors.
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Looked like it'd been sacked and pillaged. Talk about leaving it in the wrong part of town...
Felt kinda sad for it...
The New Heart - LS376ci
This GM Crate Engine had 525HP BEFORE we strapped a Magnusson Heartbeat Supercharger to it. 10 Pulleys total.
L470E plus 1 7/8 Headers
Proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

(Originally quote from Roosevelt referring to Beer!)
New Rearend
3.27 gears with Auburn Posi and Baer Brakes. I don't think the stock one would of made it out of the parking lot without detonating.
I was thinking that the thing wrapped up is a red torque arm with drive shaft safety loops?
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Flashback 1988
Looked like it was back on an assemply line!
Hmmm. Shiney.
Rust Be Gone
The big rusty K-Member was history!
So damn sexy
Added 2" to the 18x8 IROC knock offs.
Pardon me while I drool
Tubular K-Member
Wam Bam thank you Ma'am
...and the two became one!
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If this doesn't get me arrested...
I give up.
It fits!
At this point...
Sleep was becoming basically impossible.
Playing the dangerous game of...
"Will the hood close?!"
Operation was going well...
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We Banished the Battery
to the locking truck compartment
Aluminum rad
with dual fans.
Lowered it by 1 inch.
Getting ready for paint
It was 24 years old, after all.
The new wheel size.
The 18x10s are cool and I LOVE the 18x9s up front.
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Now THAT is looking serious
The subframe straight from hell.
I'll be able to still open my doors now...
Once I floor this beast.
Powdercoated custom cold air intake
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The final product ended up winning _______. 

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